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[TowerTalk] DXView - supporting rotators in common use - for free

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Subject: [TowerTalk] DXView - supporting rotators in common use - for free
From: "Dave AA6YQ" <>
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2011 15:15:58 -0400
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DXView, a component of the free-ware DXLab Suite, can directly control
AlfaSpid, ARSWIN, Green Heron, Heath, Hygain, Idiom Press, LP-Rotor, M2
(RC28000P-A and RC2800PX), Prosistel, SARtex, TIC, Trackbox, and Yaesu
rotators. You can rotate by specifying a heading, clicking one of 8
user-configured preset buttons, typing in a DXCC prefix, typing in a
callsign, or clicking a location on DXView's world map display (or on
VE3NEA's "DX Atlas", if you have that installed).

DXView also interoperates with the N1MM Rotor application, and can be
configured to automatically select from up to 14 rotators as a function of
transceiver band; automatic selection requires DXLab's Commander transceiver
control application to be running.

DXView's DXCC database determines callbook location from prefixes and
callsigns, where possible. For example, it knows that the bearing from my
QTH to VK2 is 269, while the bearing from to VK6 is 320.

DXView's USAP database knows the location of every station licensed by the
US Federal Communications Commission (FCC); it's accurate to the center of
the zipcode filed in the "station address" with the FCC. If you're trying to
work me, this enables DXView to point your antenna towards eastern
Massachusetts rather than California.

Like all DXLab applications, DXView is free, and available via

DXView can run standalone or, if it detects the presence of other DXLab
applications or "DX Atlas", it will interoperate with them automatically.

Screenshots and additional capabilities are available via


       Dave, AA6YQ

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Subject: [TowerTalk] PstRotator - supporting all rotators in common use

You can download/upgrade the program from:
Automatically tracking with:
AC Log,  BBLogger,  CC User,  DX Monitor,  DX4WIN,  DXView,  EasyLog 5,  EME
System,  GenLog,  GJTracker,  HalloSat,  HamScope,  HRD Logbook,  HRD
Satellite Tracker,  IntDX,  KLog,  KST2Me,  Loki5ace,  Logic8,  Logger32, 
LOG-X,  MicroLog,  MixW,  MoonSked,  N1MM,  nGenLog,  Nova for Windows, 
Orbitron,  QARTest,  Radio-Eyes,  RCKLog,  Sat_Explorer,  SatPC32, 
Swisslog,  TACLog,  Trak_SM,  TRX-Manager,  VHF LOG,  VHFCtest4WIN,  VQLog, 
Winlog32,  WinOrbit,  Win-Test,  Wlog2000,  WriteLog,  WSJT,  WXtrack, 
XMLog,  Z-Track
Supported rotators:
Prosistel "D" and "C",  Easy-Rotor-Control,  RT-21 and RT-20 from Green
Heron,  DCU-1 HyGain,  EA4TX Arswin,  RC1 MDS,  Rotor-EZ Idiom Press,  Yaesu
Az and Yaesu Az/El GS-232A and GS-232B,  M2 RC2800,  AlfaSpid RAK Az and RAS
Az/El,  Easycomm,  ST3 Fox Delta,  Endeavour Electronics AutoTracker, 
ZL1BPU,  EGIS,  Create RAC825,  VK5DJ,  F1TE,  DL7AOT,  LVB Tracker, 
PrimeSat,  SARtek,  SAT688, CX6DD,  WinRotor FUNKBOX,  SAEBRTrack,  HD-1780
Heathkit,  DDM_Rotor,  TrakBox,  K4JRG


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