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Re: [TowerTalk] Downside up G7

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Downside up G7
From: Randy <>
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2011 23:06:12 -0400
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Using proper taps and dies would allow the owl's head to be suspended 
from the "top"
of the now-fixed-direction antenna, assuming you got the direction 
right. A good epoxy would
work, too.

Alternatively, I've pondered using one or two stiff crossmembers, or 
maybe a 1/4" plate a
couple of inches across, by a foot or so long, to mount a vertical box 
bar of maybe 2X2",
to which another horizontal crossmember was mounted to, to mount a 2M 
antenna, or
even to support a wire antenna upon (I have a Quad, which therefore 
extends below the
top of the tower, complicating such things).

For me, and the fellow that pointed such things out to me, the ability 
to have the VHF FM
antenna X feet above the all-Holy HF antenna is insignificant, compared 
to the increased
height in lightning-rich Florida. "RIght now", my fancy-schmachy 2M 
antenna is atop the mast,
above the quad, atop the 89' crankup, putting it somewhere over 100' at 
the tip. I use 2M
almost exclusively for simplex DX spots and such, and I don't care about 
hitting repeaters
X miles away. Almost everybody I talk to on 2M for the last 25 years is 
on that same frequency,
and we can all talk to each other... and I've got a 2M ringo mounted on 
the house at about 30',
which let's me work 95+% of "us". I'm thinking something WELL below the 
HF antenna is going
to be "just fine", next time I crank it over. I think a simple 
ground-plane or a HB J-pole would
work fine for "me". I might even consider something for 220 or 440, but, 
whatever else new
comes along, it won't need to be "large" or "on top". If it was just a 
simple, small diameter GP,
mounting on a coax arm wouldn't significantly add to the load on it.

I'm not familiar with your antenna, but some of the "large" vert VHF/UHF 
antennas (in terms of
wavelength) have to resort to phasing methods to keep the high-gain 
lobes from pointing
so high up that they're worthless... don't know now that would affect 
you if that's the case.


On 3/26/2011 12:02 PM, Mike wrote:
> I'm thinking about taking down my Rohn 25 and replacing it with a crank-up. I 
> have a
> G7 (2M) on a stand-off on the side of the 25. What is the impact of mounting 
> the G7
> bottoms up on a stand-off on the top section of the crank-up? Mounting it on 
> top of
> the mast isn't going to happen.
> 73, Mike NF4L
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