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Re: [TowerTalk] Downside up G7

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Downside up G7
From: Mike <>
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2011 10:10:24 -0400
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Thanks Randy.

On 3/26/2011 11:06 PM, Randy wrote:
> Using proper taps and dies would allow the owl's head to be suspended
> from the "top"
> of the now-fixed-direction antenna, assuming you got the direction
> right. A good epoxy would
> work, too.
The owl isn't there anymore, a lightning strike blew his eyes out, rendering 
useless, so I retired him. Re "lightning rich Florida' and that's why the 
ain't going on top.
> For me, and the fellow that pointed such things out to me, the ability
> to have the VHF FM
> antenna X feet above the all-Holy HF antenna is insignificant, compared
> to the increased
> height in lightning-rich Florida. "RIght now", my fancy-schmachy 2M
> antenna is atop the mast,
> above the quad, atop the 89' crankup, putting it somewhere over 100' at
> the tip. I use 2M
> almost exclusively for simplex DX spots and such, and I don't care about
> hitting repeaters
> X miles away. Almost everybody I talk to on 2M for the last 25 years is
> on that same frequency,
> and we can all talk to each other... and I've got a 2M ringo mounted on
> the house at about 30',
> which let's me work 95+% of "us". I'm thinking something WELL below the
> HF antenna is going
> to be "just fine", next time I crank it over. I think a simple
> ground-plane or a HB J-pole would
> work fine for "me". I might even consider something for 220 or 440, but,
> whatever else new
> comes along, it won't need to be "large" or "on top". If it was just a
> simple, small diameter GP,
> mounting on a coax arm wouldn't significantly add to the load on it.
> I'm not familiar with your antenna, but some of the "large" vert VHF/UHF
> antennas (in terms of
> wavelength) have to resort to phasing methods to keep the high-gain
> lobes from pointing
> so high up that they're worthless... don't know now that would affect
> you if that's the case.
It's 15 ' long, described as "Extremely low angle stacked 5/8 wave radiators".
> 73,
> Randy
> On 3/26/2011 12:02 PM, Mike wrote:
>> I'm thinking about taking down my Rohn 25 and replacing it with a crank-up. 
>> I have a
>> G7 (2M) on a stand-off on the side of the 25. What is the impact of mounting 
>> the G7
>> bottoms up on a stand-off on the top section of the crank-up? Mounting it on 
>> top of
>> the mast isn't going to happen.
>> 73, Mike NF4L


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