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Subject: [TowerTalk] towers in dirt
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2011 22:55:07 EDT
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In a message dated 3/29/2011 2:25:10 AM Greenwich Standard Time, writes:

For up  to a 50 or 60' 25 G I just use dirt and a dirt base.  It's a 
guyed  tower and all the base does it keep it from sinking or sliding  

NOTE: not all soil is suitable for a "ground  base"

That is a scary thought.  Who determines what is "suitable"  and how is it 
determined by the layman.  Compaction tests? Engineers? How  acidic is the 
soil? etc., etc, etc.?  It sounds a lot easier and safer  to dump ready mix 
down the hole and do it right.  5 yds of ready  mix (3000 lb) runs $80/yd 
down here.
I've seen guys put a tower in dirt and a few years later it looks  like 
something I wouldn't climb.  Leave a tower section laying on dirt a  couple of 
years in an average moisture location and you'll  see what I mean.  That's 
why guys raise them off the ground when storing  them.

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