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We looked at the BCB Filter in the ARRL Handbook. The problem is when we
tried to find the parts to build one of these units. Looking at DigiKey and
other parts retailer. We could only find about half of the required
capacitors. Even trying to put multiple capacitors in parallel, we still
could not come up with the right values. 

My conclusion is, the parts needed to build the ARRL unit does not seem to
be readably available at this time. 

Mike - W7RIS

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All recent Handbooks also have the W3NQN BC Band Reject filter design in the
RF and AF Filters chapter. (pp 11.44-45 in the 2011 edition)  The filter can
also be built with air-wound coils in a larger enclosure.

73, Ward N0AX

> Call Bob, W5OV at Array Solutions. 
> They have a W3NQN BCB reject - high pass filter that cures the RX BCI
> 73,
> Tim K3LR
>> I hope this is not too far off the venue but can anyone assist me on
>> that carry I.C.E. filters...I am dead in the water on 160 due to BCI
>> Dick..W4NTG 


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