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[TowerTalk] burying hardline

Subject: [TowerTalk] burying hardline
From: "Mark, K5ER" <>
Date: Sun, 03 Apr 2011 00:24:40 -0500
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         I got through this past contest season with cables laid on the 
ground, but now its time to run permanent cables to the towers, so I need 
some advice. I plan to run all feedlines and control cables underground, 
since they are not compatible with the riding mower. I have access to 
enough 4" PVC, so plan to bury it from the shack's SPG to each tower base.

         Tower #1 is 125' from shack, and will either hold antenna, or 
connection points for four bands(for now). I will have 4 rotors and 2 
switch boxes on this tower. I plan to run 6 control lines and  6 feed lines 
to this tower.

         Tower #2 is about 50' from shack and will require minimum of 3 
feed lines and 4 control cables.

         I have about 1000 feet of LDF4-50, ON HAND, so I plan to use it, 
rather than buy coax, which would be more lossy. Now the question - would 
YOU run the hardline inside the 4" PVC, or simply lay it in the trench, 
beside the PVC (which WILL house the control cables), leaving extra room 
inside the conduit for future runs, if they are ever needed?  For the 
record, I'm in North Louisiana, and the soil is a clay/loam mix with no 
rocks to damage the hardline. In the Spring/Fall, the ground is moist (not 
wet). In the Summer, it is fairly dry.

Mark, K5ER 

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