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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Temporary Guys
From: Steve Maki <>
Date: Sun, 03 Apr 2011 20:57:38 -0400
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A number of scenarios might cause one to consider temp guys:

1) New tower using a pier pin base where you don't have access to a boom 
truck to stand the first few sections up. You walk one or two sections 
up and temporarily guy it to enable further stacking up to the first 
permanent guy level.

2) Above the first guy level you might be the nervous type where you 
want to steady each new section until reaching guy level #2. And so on.

Now most any quality tower is happy to be stacked up unguyed to the next 
*engineered* guy level - but some folks are nervous....

3) You might be changing out guys on a heavily loaded tall tower, where 
common sense (as opposed to nervousness) would DEMAND temporary guys to 
complete the job safely.

4) You might be taking down a tower where the guys look a little dodgy. 
Common sense would demand that you beef up the guy system temporarily 
for safety reasons.


-Steve K8LX

On 4/3/2011 8:21 PM, Chuck wrote:

> I may have missed something here.  Perhaps someone could explain it to me.
> I have been a ham well over 50 years and have put up and helped put up quite
> a few towers.  I have never seen the need for temporary rope guys.
> What did I miss?  Why would one use them?

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