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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Temporary Guys

>Another must to avoid is tensioning the guys to maximum during hot weather, 
>since they contract during extreme cold, resulting in over-tension during 
>sub-freezing periods in winter.

I've never erected a guyed tower, but I was curious about the engineering 
behind that.  The thermal coefficient of expansion of steel is 0.00000645 
in/in/def F.  Calculating for 115' of guy wires, I come up with a change of 
0.8901" for a 100 degree F swing in temperature.

That might be a lot, but the tower (90' - I thought I read here recently that a 
90' tower needs a 115' guy at the top) also shinks 0.6966" for the same swing 
in temperature.  Without doing the trigonometry, that's something less than a 
quarter inch in total added "tension".

Like I said, I have no personal experience, but that doesn't sound like a lot 
to me.  Am I wrong?


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