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[TowerTalk] New releases of TLDetails, Zplots, and more now available

Subject: [TowerTalk] New releases of TLDetails, Zplots, and more now available
From: Dan Maguire <>
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2011 15:38:29 -0700 (PDT)
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The TLDetails transmission line utility program has been modified to include 
the effects of DC resistance and internal inductance as well as the usual skin 
effect resistance and external inductance.  Two new plot functions have been 
added, Zo magnitude and velocity factor.  Several dozen new line types have 
been added to the built-in library and all specs have been updated to use the 
most recent data from the various manufacturers' web sites.

Full details including change history and a download link at:


The Zplots Excel utility now has the ability to calculate and plot various 
attributes of transmission lines such as characteristic impedance, velocity 
factor, and loss.  Basically you attach one end of the line in question to your 
AIM or VNA device, terminate the other end with an open circuit, run a sweep 
over a frequency range of interest, and save the data file.  Terminate the line 
with a short circuit, run another sweep, and save the data again.  Then use 
these two data files as input to the new Zplots feature.

A complete description of Zplots and a download link may be found at:

There's a lot of detail on that page.  If you just want to learn about the new 
feature for calculating transmission line attributes please see:


Two small workbooks showing various formulas that are used when dealing with 
transmission lines:


A workbook to aid in the design of a typical two-element phased array.  Loosely 
based on the 'Arrayfeed1' app by W7EL:


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