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[TowerTalk] Heavy Duty Masting

Subject: [TowerTalk] Heavy Duty Masting
From: K8RI on TT <>
Date: Fri, 08 Apr 2011 20:36:45 -0400
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I've mentioned before about using an AV640 as a backup antenna.  That 
antenna has been down through the winter, but it's about to go back up.

I decided to mount a 24' length of 2" OD X 1/4" wall, 6061-T6 on the NW 
guy anchor post for the 45G.  It's hinged at the bottom and clamped at 
the top. I'm using a winch mounted on the side of the guy anchor post 
with the cable running up through a pulley about a foot above the top of 
the post, down through a pulley on the 2" masting and back to the top of 
the guy anchor post.

I can easily pick the AV640 up over my head with just one hand, but for 
those considering using a mast to put antennas above the top of their 
tower I am going to have to shoot some photos of this thing raising the 

I expected some bow as I could only attach the cable at about the 12' 
mark on the 24' mast, but I did not expect as much as I ended up with. 
Of course the AV640 is related to a wet noodle when being raised like 
this any way and it's a good reminder to put guys on the things even 
though Hy-Gain says they don't need them.

Tomorrow's supposed to be a nice day so I'll get the capacity hats and 
counter poise into position, hook up the coax, and crank it up.  Then I 
need to get it on frequency for each band.

So, maybe I can get some photos up within a couple of days.

Next batch of tube I order is going to be stronger and harder than 6061-T6.


Roger (K8RI)


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