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[TowerTalk] Removal of an Old Antenna Installation

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Removal of an Old Antenna Installation
From: "Sam Andrews" <>
Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2011 14:07:28 -0500
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This morning I removed all antenna system components from my tower in 
preparation for a replacement project.  I thought I would share what I found in 
case anyone might find it useful.  All of this was installed in 1989.

Antenna.  Vintage 1970 Hornet Tribander.  Shot, as you might guess.

Hardware.  Stainless hardware good shape and easily removable.  Non-stainless 
u-bolts horribly rusted, but fortunately they twisted off easily. Stainless 
hose clamps came off easily, ones with non-stainless screws will  have to be 
abandoned in place or cut off.

Rotator.  Vintage 1970 CDE, good shape.

Antenna Mast.  1-1/2" EMT conduit, good shape, little rust.

Rotator Cable:  Standard 4-wire telephone cable, good shape.

Cable Ties:  14 AWG copper, good shape but insulation gone.  I used short 
pieces of this wire to tie off everything possible, thinking tape would 
deteriorate quickly.

Inverted Vee Outriggers:  Light duty TV mast, badly rusted.

Transmission Line Connections:  Good shape, no evidence of moisture 
infiltration.  I used PL-259s at the end of the transmission line, a PL-258 
barrel connector, and antenna jumper cables with PL-259.  I filled the 
connectors with silicone grease, tightened slightly more than finger tight, and 
taped with two layers of Scotch brand tape.

Transmission Lines:  RG-8 and RG-58.  Stiff as a board, no evidence of water 
infiltration on top couple of feet.

"Thrust Bearing":  Rather than a manufactured bearing, I used a short piece of 
Wolmanized (trade name) treated 2 x 4  lumber bolted to the tower top plate and 
drilled to accept the mast.  Amazingly, it was still in good shape  --  no 
cracks, not even checkered cracks, no signs of mildew, no warping.  I installed 
a piece of rubber plumbing drain pipe coupling around the mast to prevent water 
from running down the mast into the drilled mast hole.  It crumbled in my 
hands, but was still intact and functional.

73, Sam  AE5L

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