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Re: [TowerTalk] Sealed container needed for tuner

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Sealed container needed for tuner
From: Fred Spinner <>
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2011 10:21:48 -0500
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The Hoffman "style" (i.e. different manufacturers) plastic boxes in grey are
UV stabilized and are waterproof.. They are meant for outside junction boxes
and last years without any issues.  (Hoffman and the knockoff manufacturers
also makes metal boxes but they are a lot more expensive unless you find on
on e-bay, for example, and the tend to get HOT in the sunlight.  The plastic
ones are actually better for ham use IMHO.)

I use boxes at the local Menards which I think are "Kraloy" brand or
something.  They are about $6-25 depending on size.  I *think* the larger
ones are big enough for a SGC Tuner.  Home Depot also carries them (for more
$$) if you don't live in the midwest and don't have a Menards around!  They
are my FIRST choice for outside boxes.. they work fantastically.  They last
so long that I've reused boxes more than once!

If the tuner won't fit in the "Hoffman style" boxes, then another
alternative is to go to the local Miltary Surplus Store and get an ammo
can.  Paint it a light color so the innards wont melt.. these have latches
and rubber seals on them also and last outside for years.. especially if
primed and painted a light color (like more of the primer 3 coats minimum).

However, on both cases, if not filled with nitrogen, or you are not in
Arizona or the desert, should have a small weep hole in the bottom (or a
couple of small ones if you don't want to put a screen in)... *condensation*
will develop inside otherwise if not vented to the atmosphere and it won't
be good for your tuner.

I've done tupperware.. it doesn't hold up for more than a couple of years,
even painted.  The one thing that did last years but is too small for your
project is one of those Brown prescription medicine cans.  I used it at the
base of a vertical (slightly too long, and brought down to resonance with
the caps for a good, broadband 50 ohm match) for five years.  I moved and
stashed the antenna in the weeds for 8 years.  The medicine can, although a
bit faded is still holding up 13 years later.  So if you ever need to add a
small matching network to something, the medicine cans work well.

I hope these ideas help.

73 de W0FMS

On Thu, Apr 14, 2011 at 8:41 AM, Jim Miller <> wrote:

> I know Fusion works for PVC. Not so sure about the plastic in "tupperware".
> I'd perform a test.
> Jim
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