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[TowerTalk] update: grounding questions: Ufer, strap, exothermic welds

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Subject: [TowerTalk] update: grounding questions: Ufer, strap, exothermic welds
From: Mat Eshpeter <>
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2011 21:33:51 -0400
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An update on this thread and a new question or two:
Seems to be pretty well agreed that connecting the rebar to the tower and 
radials is a good thing. The potential damage to concrete is attributed to poor 
installation technique.
I am confused about the preference for copper wire over strap for use as a 
buried ground radial to interconnect ground rods, given the much lower 
inductance of strap; it may be that the longevity of a big piece of buried wire 
outweighs the lower inductance benefit of comparatively thinner buried strap?
I called a couple of electrical supply shops today. They seem to be in 
disbelief that anyone would use solid 2/0 copper wire for anything; one guy 
claimed I would only be able to bend this size solid wire with the same 
equipment used to bend conduit or pipe. Does anyone actually use 2/0 solid 
copper for grounding? If so, what is your experience regarding bending / 
handling this wire?
I have delayed my tower base pour for another week while I figure out the final 
details of my ground strategy. I do appreciate the help offered by all those 
that have taken the time to respond to this thread.


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