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Re: [TowerTalk] slightly OT - Wattmeter suggestion?

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] slightly OT - Wattmeter suggestion?
From: Steve Hunt <>
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2011 13:16:47 +0100
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Hi Charlie,

Not sure what your budget is, but I've been very happy with my LP-100
from Telepost. Not only will it read peaks, it'll estimate the amount of
compression on your signal, and it'll give you the complex impedance of
the load. SWR is properly computed over a wide range of powers, 50mW to 3kW:

That nice new station deserves a quality meter:)

Steve G3TXQ

On 21/04/2011 11:48, Charlie Gallo wrote:
> Hi Gang,
> Over the next couple of weeks, my shack (including tower/antennas) will be 
> getting a MAJOR upgrade
> Right now, I've got a A-D DX-EE for 10-40m, an SB-230amp, all being driven by 
> an FT-1000 MkV field (and an at-1000pro tuner)
> Well, the radio and tuner are staying the same, but that's it
> Antenna wise, there is a Glen Martin going on the roof (I live on a small 
> lot), and a C3SS and DX140 going on that (antennas will be delivered on 
> Friday)
> Anyway, the other big change - a freshly re-tubed/caped  an Alpha 78 - for 
> those bands where I don't need the tuner (or turned down for when I do)
> Think is, everyone says "You MUST have a peak reading watt meter to safely 
> tune them".
> OK - No problem, I buy a meter.  I love the Alpha meter (friend has one), but 
> no way is that in the budget at a grand.  I could get a peak reading kit for 
> my bird 43, but
> So, what do you guys think?
> I'm thinking the Array Solutions looks good - others?  Just put a peak kit in 
> the bird?

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