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[TowerTalk] slightly OT - Wattmeter suggestion? (Charlie Gallo)

Subject: [TowerTalk] slightly OT - Wattmeter suggestion? (Charlie Gallo)
From: Allan Koenigsberg <>
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2011 13:38:06 -0400
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If you are going to look for an older peak wattmeter on the used market make
sure you check out the LDG DWM-4 Digital Watt Meter.  It will display peak,
average, power and SWR for up to 4 (count them) different pickups, and cover
from 160 to 440.  It will also do high power or low.
LDG stopped building them about a year too early, before the digital
wattmeter began to achieve its popularity.  I'm surprised that it was never
put back into production.  I use it exclusively when running my linear and
checking the  ATU on my open wire fed dipole.  It was much less expensive
than a Bird and its ilk.

Good luck on your new setup..  Glad I no longer operate in NYC.

Allan AE2J

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