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Re: [TowerTalk] Antennas for 80m

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Antennas for 80m
From: Steve Hunt <>
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2011 16:48:34 +0100
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Looks like you would have plenty of room for an 80m Inverted-L with the 
vertical section at the far end of the yard away from the house and the 
horizontal section running back towards a tie-off point on the house. Of 
course, you would need to get some radials down.

You even have enough horizontal length to make it slightly longer than a 
1/4 wave - that would raise the radiation resistance and improve the 
efficiency if your radial system is not great. A fixed matching network 
at the feedpoint would fix the VSWR on the coax back to the shack.

Steve G3TXQ

On 23/04/2011 10:20, Charlie Gallo wrote:
> Hi Gang,
> More questions for the shack rebuild
> As you saw from my previous posts, I have 10-40m covered fairly well (well, 
> except 30m - and no real interest there)
> The issue is 80m
> As I said before, I have a SMALL NYC lot (42x98), with the house set in the 
> middle, and NOTHING for support in the front - I probably have a MAX length 
> of 50 ft if I go diagonally across the back yard
> Right now I have an old TV Evans 17/80 trapped dipole up for 80m, and it 
> barely fits (when the new antennas go up, I'll be able to raise that - a LOT, 
> but it'll still be low and short)
> The question is - what to do for 80m?
> I COULD put up say an HF2V, but the radial field will be all in one 
> direction, and a friend who has one says the noise here in NYC is insane (and 
> it would have to wait till the new driveway would go in - the radials will go 
> under the new driveway)
> Anyone have other ideas?  Is the HF2V the way to go in my situation?
> Thanks

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