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Subject: [TowerTalk] Stacking beams
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Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2011 16:48:03 -0500
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  Hey Gang!  Been a while since I posted!  I've been revamping my Trylon 
freestanding tower after some damage about two years ago or so...
Had to replace 2 sections of tower.  (note to all, double nutting the cross 
braces is a GOOD idea, ouch!)

...anyway it folded in the middle and smashed my pretty beams on the ground. 
( /sobbing)  The Force 12 5BA was repairable and is about
ready to go but the M2 3 ele 40m monobander was trashed.  ...SooooOo I’m 
replacing it with a 4 element dual driven 40m monobander.

My intentions are to put the 40m beam right above the thrust bearing and try 
and shove the F12 multibander up above it about 10 feet.

The mast I have is 20' long about 90ksi yield so good to go there.  Just 
need to clean it up a bit and paint it and maybe put a cap on the top.

I would like to try and get the Force 12 5BA about 10' above that if 
possible.   I'm looking into getting a 2m beam that is horiz and vert 
polarized and put it between the two
hoping that the footprint is small enough to not warrant any serious 
...  previously I had a 24' mast and the 2m beams were on top.

So it should look like this:  Rotator is 'about' 7 ft down, it's on the top 
of the second down tower section.  So that leaves (roughly) 13ft.  Figure a 
foot above the top plate and that leaves 12ft or so.   Mount the M2 40m beam 
here.    Right above that I am thinking about mounting the remote coax 
switch so that I only have one or two coax loops hanging down.   Then about 
5 foot up mount the 2m X beam (does ssb or FM)  Then the force 12 5Ba above 
--------------------------------------  5ba
             XXXXXXXXXXXXX        2m x beam (vertical noiz.
                        @  remote coax switch
-----------------------------------------  40m beam
               [                ]  tower.
               [                ] any comments or suggestions?   Should the 2m beam be small enough to 
not cause problems?

  thanks in advanced,


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