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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Slightly OT - antenna damage
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Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2011 18:54:18 +0000
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Unfortunately, I have had the problem you have described as a result of being 
in the path of a tornado on two separate occasions. I must say K1TTT has 
described the situation perfectly and exactly the steps I have gone through. In 
my case the result was receiving the amount originally submitted. You may have 
to pay for an estimate but it will be worth it. There are several things that 
might not occur to a person doing this for the first time which can 
significantly increase the cost. One other possibility which in fact happened 
to me is the person giving the estimate and who ended up doing the work charged 
more than the original amount requested. Be wary. 

> From:
> i have been through this a couple times now. the process usually goes like 
> this:
> 1. get a pro like k7lxc or kc1xx to write up an estimate that includes 
> EVERYTHING, travel time for crew, removal of broken antennas, the new 
> antennas, feedlines, assembly, installation, etc, etc.
> 2. the insurance adjuster reviews the estimate and declares it too big, they 
> go to anyone they can find in your area that has 'antenna' in their business 
> name and gets a lowball estimate based on installation of a tv antenna or 
> business band vertical.
> 3. you get the name of the other guy, call them up, get them to admit they 
> have never seen a tower like yours and have no idea what they are doing.
> 4. you go back to the adjuster and tell them the other guy isn't qualified to 
> touch your tower. now here you have a decision to make.... if you are 
> actually going to do the work yourself you can offer to cut the expense by 
> about 50% off the estimate, which will make the adjuster feel like they won, 
> take the cash and buy some better antennas and put them up yourself. OR you 
> can hold out for the pro to come and actually do the work. I have gone both 
> ways and it comes out about even one way or the other.
> remember, removal of damaged antennas is NOT something to be taken lightly... 
> especially if there is any hint of damage to the tower itself. if the 
> antennas are unbalanced or in a condition where they may break during removal 
> it is definately a job for a pro.
> Jun 9, 2011 01:00:05 PM, wrote:
> In a message dated 6/9/2011 5:23:06 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, 
> writes:
> > While I was in Asia a tornado came through the yard and damaged three 
> antennas - two of the three antennas on the tower and one ground mounted. My 
> insurance company isn't exactly sure how to figure the damage and thought 
> maybe an electrician could look at the antennas. I am sure some readers 
> have been through this kind of thing and I was wondering how it was handled. 
> by their insurance company. Let's not clutter the forum with replies but if 
> you have experience and you are willing to share your experience I would 
> appreciate an off-forum note to w6nws [at]
> My condolences on your damage. 
> I do insurance estimates and have done several dozen over the 
> years. Electricians don't know anything about this kind of thing and neither 
> does your insurance agent. 
> Your insurance company wants a professional estimate because they 
> want the work to be done by professionals. If you send me photos of your 
> damage, I can give you an estimate. I charge $100 for my time to prepare it. 
> Cheers,
> Steve K7LXC
> Professional tower services for amateurs
> Cell: 206-890-4188

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