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To: Kshaddrick <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Antenna Supports
From: Roger D Johnson <>
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2011 17:32:56 -0400
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On 6/17/2011 4:43 PM, Kshaddrick wrote:
> One of my summer antenna projects is to put up two 40m dipoles in an inverted 
> V arrangement perpendicular to each other. I'd like the apex of the V to be a 
> half wave length above the ground, so a little over 68 feet. What can be used 
> for a support for something like this? Can the 4 foot aluminum/fiberglass 
> mast sections available on eBay be used at that height (guyed of course)? 
> That would be about 17 or 18 of those sections, not sure how stable that 
> would be. Other suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Kelley
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I put up 60ft of the Al masting by myself. It takes some time and you'll get 
plenty of exercise.

You can probably walk up one third of the mast initially. I'm assuming that you 
will be using the
inverted Vees for the top guys. Tie off the side guys and leave some extra in 
the back guy. walk
up the mast past vertical (it will be held by the back guy) and connect the 
front guy. Find a step
ladder that is taller than a mast section. Loosen the guys and move the base of 
the mast up on
the first step of the ladder. repeat for the second step, etc. When the base is 
high enough, add
another section and repeat until the mast is at the desired height. For 68ft, 
you probably will
want guys at 3 levels. The lower ones can be added as the mast goes up. I used 
clove hitches
on the guy stakes as they make it easy to slacken the guys. When finished, a 
couple of half
hitches will secure the guys (a clove hitch can loosen if it's not under 
tension). As you can imagine,
this process will be much quicker with some assistance.

Good luck, Roger


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