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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Used heliax buying
From: Steve Maki <>
Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2011 01:56:24 -0400
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The RFS LCF78-50JA listed on his website is similar to Andrew LDF5 which 
has a smooth center conductor, and similar bending properties.

Both companies offer "superflex" and "ultraflex" varieties with 
corrugated center conductors. In 7/8" the RFS series is UCF78-50** and 
the Andrew is VXL5-50.

You pay a small attenuation penalty with the more flexible cables.

-Steve K8LX

On 6/17/2011 10:35 PM, Jim Thomson wrote:

> ###  Steve Davis, at Davis RF...sells RFS  brand 7/8"  heliax  for
> $2.35 per foot..... NEW.    List price is $4.70    This  stuff is even
> better than Andrew...since it has a corrugated  center conductor and
> also a corrugated outer conductor.  The Andrew heliax has a hollow Copper
> tube for the center conductor.  The stuff steve has is WAY  more flexible.
> ## he also has the other RFS version, which has the same corrugated center 
> conductor,
> but has a corrugated  Aluminum outer conductor.  Now that new AL stuff is all 
> the rage
> with cell co's  in Eu, Asia, etc.   It's  even LESS $$.   It's also a lot 
> lighter. [ CU is heavier than
> steel].   This  new  Cu inner/ AL outer is available in 2 x sizes.... 7/8"  
> and also  1.25"
> ##  I believe the AL in 7/8"  format is well<  $2.00  per foot..and the 1.25" 
>  format is not much more.
> The 1.25" format is also way more flexible than Andrew's hollow cu tube 
> heliax.   He also  has all the
> connector's for them.   Check it out.  It's a better  mouse trap than a hoolw 
> cu inner tube.
> later..... Jim   VE7RF


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