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You said " I don't believe the inverter is the problem." - I am going to bet
it is. Many inverters are square wave output and will cause havoc with
anything that is motor driven.  The output is not real clean.  Go to: and look at the difference between Modified
Sine Wave Inverters and Pure Sine Wave Inverters.  If the equipment you are
using is of any value the cost of the Pure Sine Wave Inverters is worth it.

Clint Talmadge - W5CPT

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I have an odd Rotator problem.

In my Rover setup, I have an old Hygain AR40 rotor.   For the past 
several years I have been having an annoying problem.  Whenever I turn the
antenna the rotor moves to the desired position but instead of stopping, as
it should, it keeps "bouncing" back and forth several degrees.  And it will
keep bouncing until it over heats, or until I shut off the power.

My "work around" has been to switch off the power when it reaches the
correct heading.

While preparing for the June VHF contest I discovered it doesn't do this 
when plugged into the household 120v outlet.   But it does do it when I 
use my deep cycle battery and inverter.  So it seems to be a power issue.

I don't believe the inverter is the problem.  The rotator is rate at 85
watts.  My old inverter was a 100 watt model, and my current inverter is 
a 400 watt continuous / 800 watt surge.   So it really shouldn't be much 
of a load...

Any ideas?

The reason I had it on the bench was to take it apart, check the pot, clean
and grease the bearings, check the connections, and replace the 
rotor cable.  None of which seems to have helped.   I'm a bit stumped.   
I am considering just wiring up a box with momentary switches for left
rotate, right rotate, and a meter for direction....

Oh, load on the rotor for my application is a push up mast, and 3 VHF yagis,
and cables.  Altogether maybe 30~35 lbs...

Scratching my head,


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