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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Probably stupid coax question
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Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2011 14:46:08 -0700
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I've used 9096-IIA (it comes from International Electronic Wire & Cable
of Chicago) hundreds of times over about 20 years.

I've never had to cut a single strand of the center conductor to fit a
PL-259 connector.

Of course, you do have to use "real" PL-259s that are made to the
specification; I use Amphenols mostly.

The trick is to LOOSELY twist the strands together while stretching them
out, to make a long, slim bundle out of the 19 (nineteen!) strands.
Then, make very sure the "end" of that bundle isn't any larger in
diameter than any other part is.  Don't cut this twisted bundle at all,
just insert into the connector with the center conductor properly
aligned with the center pin -- this can be viewed a bit through the four
solder holes in the connector body.  When the end of the bundle enters
the pin is just about where the jacket material should enter the rear
end of the connector, at which point of course you must "TWIST" on the
connector, onto the cable jacket.

Works every time for me.


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Subject: [TowerTalk] Probably stupid coax question

I was helping another ham put connectors on some jumpers he wanted made
 The jumpers were an interesting cable that appeared to have a semi
air dielectric and a very hefty center conductor made from stranded
 The jacket said "9096 ExtraFlex".  Anyway, I tied UHF connectors from 3
different sources and none would pass the center conductor.  Not even
 Same connectors work fine with RG-213, RG8, and lmr400.  I called a
who sells this coax ( and they said I might have to snip
few strands to make it work. Is this common practice?  I had a heck of a
time finding the PL-259 pin ID spec to validate the connectors I have.
their a vendor who's PL-259 will pass the 9.5AWG center conductor
of this cable?


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