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Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2011 17:56:33 -0400
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On 6/26/2011 3:47 PM, bizpa2004 wrote:
> hello:

As Jim said, there are quite a few variables. Is this the tubular tower, 
(like a couple of pipes nested)?
On the positive side, getting it out of the ground is going to be a lot 
easier than one set in concrete.

IF and I have to emphasize the *IF* this is the tubular, crank up and 
tilt over, then the dismantling is *relatively* easy and I have to 
emphasize "relatively" this time. IOW it's still a lot of work and 
should be performed by some one who is knowledgeable about the 
installation.  Even a regular crank up and tilt over with a "dirt base" 
is *relatively* easy compared to one set in concrete.  I think a dirt 
base on one this size is a bit unusual.

Even with the tower sections nested (how many sections?) it's still 
fairly long and heavy meaning transportation might be a problem.

All of these things have an impact on what people  are willing to pay.


Roger (K8RI)
> please pardon the intrusion, but we are selling a 60 ft telrex antenna that 
> was installed about 40 years ago.   it belonged to my father-in-law who was 
> ''on the band'' for over 50 years.
> from his son who helped install it:
> Thank you for the email. The Antenna on the tower is a Tel-rex 20 meter 
> "Super Mini Beam.  The tower is a Tel-rex crank up / crank down / Tilt over.  
> I know it is at least 50 feet of tower and 60 feet to the tip of the mast. 
> Dad wanted to get a full wave length above the ground. The tower base in 
> "packed sand" (I know because I helped put it in)I think it goes down four to 
> six feet.  Don't forget that it also has a "house brace".
> can you possibly give us an idea as to its worth?  we would greatly 
> appreciate it!
> regards, dan
> not a ham operator.  it has has a new motor, still in box.
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