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Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2011 23:33:13 -0400
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In my failing memory banks of having a small beam called a Super Mini Beam
by Telrex in the 70's I used on 40 cw. It was interesting that it had rings
on each loading coil of 12 inch or so 1/4x20 brass elements. It was small
and worked well. If I saw a picture I would recognize it. And as for the
advice given on taking something this old and of questionable condition down
should be taken in to consideration and removed by someone who know what he
looking at. 73 Gene K2QWD  

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You description is too vague for anyone to give you pricing advice.  Telrex 
was a high end antenna company, however the designs are old and the antenna 
probably has little value.  I have never heard of the "Super Mini Beam".   I

am not sure if Telrex ever produced a crank-up tower, perhaps it's a Triex? 
The tower may have some value, but you would have to post a picture of it 
for further evaluation.  If you had a Telrex Big Bertha, you would have some

serious interest, but that does not match your description.  Be careful if 
you are attempting to remove this antenna system!


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Subject: [TowerTalk] antenna
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Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2011 15:47:03 -0400
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please pardon the intrusion, but we are selling a 60 ft telrex antenna that 
installed about 40 years ago.   it belonged to my father-in-law who was ''on
the band'' for over 50 years.

from his son who helped install it:

Thank you for the email. The Antenna on the tower is a Tel-rex 20 meter 
Mini Beam.  The tower is a Tel-rex crank up / crank down / Tilt over.  I 
it is at least 50 feet of tower and 60 feet to the tip of the mast. Dad 
to get a full wave length above the ground. The tower base in "packed sand" 
know because I helped put it in)I think it goes down four to six feet. 
forget that it also has a "house brace".

can you possibly give us an idea as to its worth?  we would greatly 

regards, dan

not a ham operator.  it has has a new motor, still in box. 


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