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Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2011 08:24:23 -0700
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About 5 years ago I put together a pair of filters in paint cans and they
worked fine.
Yes, if you intend to leave them outside a good coating of "Cold Galv"
followed by some exterior house paint should keep them in pretty good shape
in a wet climate. It you are concerned about condensation inside the can,
use a packet of desiccant (silica) from something you have purchased, in the
bottom of the can to absorb the moisture. Once the can is sealed (yes I
soldered the SO-239's to the can lid) and the lip of the lid is caulked with
silicone seal (RTV) moisture should not be an issue. Mine are used inside
behind the shack desk or outside when on a portable operation. IE: Field
Day, FYBO, QRP afield, etc.
They are not a cure all but do help. 
My next project is going to be band pass filters for each band much like the
5B4AGN filter system. Not cheap but they work.

Best 72 73

Mike Baker  K7DD
All QSO's are uploaded to LOTW and EQSL.

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as long as you use decent coax putting them in a can doesn't help shielding.
you also may have to worry about heat buildup if you are running power.

Aug 1, 2011 11:57:40 PM, wrote:

Hi all

I want to upgrade and put more stubs on the antennas here. What I was
thinking of was making 2 for each band with a 1/8 wave section between each

What I'd like to do is go to the local paint store and get some empty paint
cans and coil the stubs and 1/8 section together and put them in the can for
better shielding. Then put a coax jack on top of the can.

Would it hurt to coil them all together like that? I'll be using some RG-6
for the stubs as I have about 600 feet of it. I know it's not as good as
bigger coax, but it's what I have on hand. Thanks and 73 Tom W7WHY 


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