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Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2011 20:56:30 -0500
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Dear TT'ers,

I was reading the comments on the cover of CQ.  I checked out the
installation of the tower and I don't see cable ties going all the way up
the tower as others have stated.  The zip ties stop at the first section.
There is in fact one section nested in the tower so the tower isn't fully
extended to 55 feet.  None of his hands or feet are in the "bite" of the
tower had it failed on this clear blue day. The tower is not overloaded and
I have seen on many other amateur radio towers and that is very smart.  In
addition if you read the cover story on page 80 it points out of the issue
of had he really been working on the tower in the second sentence he would
have his safety equipment.  Yes his leather waist belt is archaic and should
be retired even for the photo.  However,  If it were you on the cover of CQ
or another magazine you would be uber-proud.  Lets let the merits of the
installation stand and not berate a proud magazine and a proud ham.  I have
no connection to either but think its snippy to run this up the flag pole
for your entertainment.    The tower itself from the photo is sound and the
coax/control wires are a safe install.  



Noid Wilson

Tulsa, OK

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