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[TowerTalk] Two signals on the same frequency?

Subject: [TowerTalk] Two signals on the same frequency?
From: Jari Jussila <>
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2011 19:24:59 +0300
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A hypothetical question:

I have two antennas for the same band. The antennas might be same kind 
(eg. two dipoles, two yagis) or different (one dipole, one vertical).
I transmit with two separate transmitters - one to one antenna - but 
modulate the transmitters simultaneousl*y *with same key or microphone.

How does my signal-strength change on the other side in comparison if I 
used only one transmitter and one antenna? The antennas are not phased 
to each other and they might be quite apart from each other.

I know that the advanced contest stations have one beam to eg. JA and 
one to Europe etc.  But if they turned both antennas to JA, would the 
signal-strength go up?

Jari, OH2BU

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