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[TowerTalk] Various small prop pitch motor info requests.

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Various small prop pitch motor info requests.
From: Alton McConnell <>
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2011 11:37:11 +0000
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reMorning Everyone:
I am finishing up the rebuild of a small prop pitch motor.  We all know the MRC 
0017 bearing that is located in the adapter plate is no longer available.  My 
MRC 0017 races look ok but the bearing assembly is sloppy and the ball bearings 
are black and need to be replaced.   The largest ball that I measured had a 
diameter of 0.1860 inches or 4.72mm.  Does anyone know what the spec ball 
diameter was?  Otherwise, I will have to guess at the size when I order 
replacements. I would rather not order loose ball bearings five times to get 
this right!   I have also heard of people machining solid bronze bearings to 
replace this bearing in its entirety. 
Also, I understand that there is an improved lip seal to replace the seal under 
the adapter plate bearing,  Does anyone have a part number? (I replaced  the 
seal in the gear box housing and reversed its direction also.)
Any further advice on sealing up the gear box before I put the gear train back 
in the housing?  I have the gears assembled with the “00” out and everything 
assembled correctly.  The 1971 QST article was very helpful here.  I used 
Arctic Cat low temperature lithium grease and greased everything in sight!  The 
unit works.
Any advice on a can to put over the top of the prop pitch motor?  
I have the splined gear and need to make a mast attachment.  Any photos of 
recommendations would be appreciated.  
I have found K7NVs site.  Very useful info.
I now need to rebuild the electric motor.  How does one remove the brake from 
the prop pitch electric motor?  The end with the break appears to be threaded.  
Is a special tool reguired and hose does one get around this.
Many thanks!
Alton, NU8L                                       

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