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Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2011 09:25:52 -0500
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I have K0XG rings. Getting around them is not as easy as climbing a straight
tower section, but it is doable if you are remotely in shape. Takes a bit of
getting used to and can be a bit unnerving to some the first time they try

Another thing to consider... My gin pole (don't remember the brand) did not
stick out far enough horizontally from the tower to get around a ring with
the vertical pole. Was a moot point in my case since I used a crane to lift
everything above the first ring. 

Going back to the original question.... yes, my tower twists a bit when the
rotor stops and even in strong winds. I am using 55G. A bigger issue for me
is overshoot. I have not been able to get the tower to stop exactly where it
should using the combination of a Green Heron controller and the K0XG. The
tower usually travels 10 deg or so beyond where it was supposed to stop. I
have tried adjusting, to no avail (but maybe I am not doing it right).

Also... I have had cases where the limit switches and Green Heron did not
prevent the tower from overtravel (kept going after 360 deg rotation).
Fortunately I was looking at the control box the few times this has
happened. Ripped up some cable, but stopped before the tower was in

Photo of the setup is on The K0XG stuff is nice!

Larry K5RK

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I like the idea of a rotating tower.

Question, with the rotating rings installed does that impede climbing the
tower much?

I'm about to start digging the holes for my 45g tower.  A rotating tower
would be nice for stacking.

Rich - N5ZC


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