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[TowerTalk] Clothing for climbing towers

Subject: [TowerTalk] Clothing for climbing towers
From: Gunnar Widell <>
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2011 02:16:16 +0200
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I am looking for an overall to be used for climbing. I used to have a
Taiga overall, but it was stolen some years ago. The Taiga climber is a
two layer gortex overall, made to be used with a full body harness for
tower climbing. Unfortunately the price of 1200 USD and lack of sponsors
has stopped me from ordering one.

Does anyone have other suggestions of clothing for climbing. The climate
in Sweden demands protection from wind and rain (snow), but a thin layer
overall with good pockets is preferable. If the overall is thin, it is
just to adjust the layers close to the body to the temperature.

I am currently in Seattle, going (back) to Las Vegas in a week,
suggestions of stores in these areas (or other) are welcome.

73 de Gus, W7/SM3SGP

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