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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Basic Help Needed
From: Don Allen <>
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2011 16:24:35 -0500
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The UPS shippable Rohn 9H50 push-up mast has a maximum usable length of 
34 feet.  For a tri-band yagi, you need to look at a surplus AB-577 mast 
or a regular triangular tower with a proper base.  The push-up simply 
will not hold up under that kind of loading at the top under severe wind 

I have a 9H50, but only use it to support a dipole, and it's held up 
well in Illinois winters and winds gusts in excess of 60MPH even during 
icing periods.  However, it's only up 25 feet with a proper concrete 
base, bracketed at 8 and 16 feet, and no guys.  But, I wouldn't put any 
aluminum on the top of it for a permanent installation.  It's a great 
support for dipoles and slopers in a permanent installation, but not for 
HF beams.

Don Allen W9CW

/My first project is to get a tribander (10, 15, and 20m) up and on the air
as quickly as possible.  I have selected a ROHN 9H50 telescoping mast that
extends to 50' and has guy mounts at 4 locations up the mast.  ROHN
recommends each set of guy wires start at 30' from the base of the mast. I
have bought a pair of Chicago Grips for tensioning the guys and a LOOS
tension meter for setting the guy wire tension to 10% of its maximum


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