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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] antenna location for hurricane
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You might want to make sure your car is full of gas and you have enough fuel
for the generator for at least a week of steady running.
MRE's or a backup supply of food and water is also a must have. 1Gal a day
per person minimum for at least a week. More is better.
If access to MRE's is too far off time wise, try some of the foil pack tuna
meals that can be dry stored and canned pasta and soup dishes. Crackers and
Peanut Butter (if you have no allergy to Peanuts) and don't forget some T.P.
If it goes in, it comes out.
That is the least of the basic stuff for a home survival kit.

Dry storage bagged clothes are a good idea as well. (And you could never
find a reason to buy them off the TV ads could you?) Now you know what they
are good for.

When my family lived in the hurricane region (CT) my dad always had a bug
out box ready every hurricane season; just in case. Back then it was full of
C-rations and canned goods and we had large GI cans full of water and
Gasoline along with 4 Propane bottles for the gas stove and lantern.

Ok, so maybe I am a belt and suspenders kind of guy when it comes to dealing
with Mother Nature.

Best 72, 73 and I hope you don't NEED any of it.

Mike Baker  K7DD
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Subject: [TowerTalk] antenna location for hurricane

Hmmmm. No clear consensus.

Current prediction has the storm going directly over us which complicates
wind directions and where to point the antenna. 

The "however" is the storm is supposed to be down to the level of one of our
stronger winter storms. 

Tomorrow is change the oil in the generator and bring in all furniture. 

Antennas will be pointed to the NE and we'll hope no trees fall as they are
all still in full leaf. 

They did during our ice storm and we survived with a little excitement. 

73 Craig

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