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Subject: [TowerTalk] antenna location for hurricane
From: "Jim Thomson" <>
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2011 22:00:08 -0700
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Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2011 12:33:22 -0400
From: K8RI on TT <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] antenna location for hurricane

On 8/26/2011 11:12 AM, Mike Baker wrote:
> You might want to make sure your car is full of gas and you have enough fuel
> for the generator for at least a week of steady running.

By all means have every tank *full*.  IF this storm turns out to be as 
predicted you might have a week or more without power, or the option of 
getting more gas.  The same for water and food.

## I'd buy a 1/2 doz  5 gallon  gas container's, [if they have any left], and 
em all up with premium gas.    A few drops of chlorine bleach will  kill any 
in large water containers, like 55 gal drums.   I had the course yrs ago on all 
this, since
I was a part of the EOC  at the local telco.  I forget how much bleach per 10 
gals of water
was required, but it was a tiny amount.  You couldn't taste it at all, and it 
was safe to drink,
without having to boil it.   You have to be careful where you store all this 
stuff too, esp gasoline.

##  My old boss's  boss..decided to go cheap and save money, and not supply us 
with 2 x doz small
gen sets.   A lot of these tiny sites have no gen set on site, and one must be 
brought in, and plugged in. 
That year, we had the worst ice and snow storm on record.  The new boss bought 
a home abt 18 miles out
of town, in the bush, by the lake, on acreage.   He had NO electric power  for 
12 x days.  He also had 4 x 120'
huge fir tree's  laying across his really long drive way.   He was stuck in 
there for days.   Of course all 
the phones,internet/cell sites/TV  went dead within 6-9 hrs..on que.   At the 
next meeting, he has a blank cheque
and an unlimited load of $$$  and finally listens to us more experienced techs, 
as to what will happen during
severe WX events. 

Propane powered barbecue might be your only means of cooking or 
heating/sterilizing water for a while too.

###  see above, easy to sterilize water, without having to waste propane. 

> Ok, so maybe I am a belt and suspenders kind of guy when it comes to dealing
> with Mother Nature.
Same up here in snow country.  Ice and snow can leave you without power 
for a week or more.  City water and gas can fail as well. Hurricanes can 
destroy the infrastructure over a wide area leaving a huge population 
without the basic necessities such as water, power, and telephones.

## The one thing that never fails is our underground natural gas.  It baffles me
why they don't just put all of it below ground, like the germans do, then 99% of
your problems will vanish.   Vancouver island got natural gas back in 1991-92.  
tear up every street in town.    While they were at it, they coulda put the AC 
telephone, cable tv/ and anything else below grnd.   I see this crap all the 
Re-pave asphalt on an old street, looks perfecto, then 18 months later, rip up 
the same
street to lay down a new sewer line.  The patch job on the asphalt is less than 
good, and
back to square one.     

##  Most of the infrastructure here in town is 100 years old.  They replace 1% 
of it each year.  

NOTE:  Cell service is usually the first to fail.
  That's when you really learn to appreciate the basics and the old 
underground land lines.

### most new telco switching is  "switch in a ditch" these days...
with fiber optic to  within 1000' of the home, then copper  to the house. 
Part 2, they continue the fiber to each home, and the home owner has his own
UPS  supply, to run the phone/internet/TV etc.  Verizon has gone to part 2 in
a lot of places.   In part 2, they use a passive prism to split one  strand of 
fiber  into
32 x strands, one per home, and 3 per business.  No more -52 vdc  going out 
into the
field on copper wires.   Now how long do you think the UPS  will last in each 
home ? 
In part one, with the box  down the street from you, NONE of em have a back up 
They all have a mess of batteries in em, good for 6-12 hrs, that's it. They all 
have provisions
to plug a gen set into the side of it.    When that hurricane hit Florida years 
ago, they had 121
main central offices  running on the big diesel gen sets, and > 10,000  small 
sites with zero power. 

## telco's don't have enough small, portable gen sets  for major wx events.  
Even if you do, and 
you chain and padlock em to steel anchors embedded in concrete,  they will 
still get stolen.   A buddy
at work had 3 x gen sets going one winter storm, after he got the 3rd one  
running, he heads 12 x miles back
to the 1st one..and it was gone!   Some bozo with something a helluva lot 
better than the biggest bolt cutters
had stolen it, since he needed it   for himself, [ or his gro-op]  etc.    
Unless ur  standing there, they will vanish
every time.  After we had 8 of em stolen, we said piss on it,  and lets the 
sites go dead.   The final straw 
was the  night the 12 kw one got stolen out of the back of the truck,  it takes 
several guys to lift the bigger ones. 
Some twit had  come in the middle of the night, and used a hiab  to  actually 
lift the gen set over the 9' tall
chain link fence  [which had razor wire on top of that]. 

##  I think it's the Mormons  that always have a 1 year supply of food on hand 
at all times.  They also have
the required firepower to make sure the neighbours don't steal it . 

Be well prepared! as they say, PLAN for the worst and hope for the best.

My thoughts for the New England states including NY and Washington DC 
are that the average person will likely ignore the potential until it 
becomes a problem which is too late to do anything about it. Then those 
people will become problems for those who are prepared.

###  No sweat.  I'm sure Obama has it all figured out.   Now, is the head of
Fema gonna be around in 6  months from now ? 

later... Jim VE7RF

73 & Good Luck

Roger (K8RI)


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