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Re: [TowerTalk] New Homeowners insurance underwriting rules.

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] New Homeowners insurance underwriting rules.
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I have trees (70' oaks/cherry wood/ash) surrounding my house.  No problems
with Allstate homeowners insurance (so far) in Illinois.

I also have an umbrella policy just to make sure.

Jim N9WW

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Recently a fellow showed up at my home to "measure" the outside of the 
house.  Two weeks later a representative of my Independent agent called me 
and said they were not going to renew my policy.  I have had the same policy

for 31 years
and one minor claim on my antennas about 1984.

I was sent a report listing the problems they had that needed to be fixed 
(we were in the midst of fixing them).  Two problems the agent pointed out 
to me were the number of trees within 50 feet of the house and my tower and 
antennas next to the rear of the house.  I reminded her that the Atlanta 
area was known as the City of trees plus the tower was installed with county

permit in 1980. So they have insured the house and tower ever since we 
started with this insurance company.

I called the GA Insurance Commissioners office and spoke to a Housing 
counselor who told me that Insurance Companies (at least in GA) had new 
underwriting rules and trees and amateur radio towers were or could be 
points against me.

I finished the repairs and got the Insurance renewed but the picture in the 
inspectors note of my tower and antennas bothers me.  The Insurance 
Commissioners office say they have the right to come out and inspect my 
house at any time.  The renewal came with a note that I had to send the 
local agent pictures in three years.

Is this a known problem elsewhere?  We already have so many rules that 
restrict towers and even antennas.  The Banks won't lend to developers who 
won't incorporate CC&R's.  Are Insurance Companies next?

Dave K4JRB 


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