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Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2011 13:19:38 -0500
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After my lightning strike (in IL) last year, State Farm said a claim would
not affect my rates or increase the risk of cancellation.  I was probably
foolish, but I tried to control their costs by repairing antennas, the
tower, and equipment rather than trying to convince them it all needed to be
replaced.  I doubt that my limiting the amount of the claim will make any
difference in staying insured, but I mentioned it at every opportunity with
adjustors and my agent.

Jim N7US

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In response to several inquires. I am using a large established Independent 
Agency.  I do not have State Farm.

I think the Independent Agents in my area only select the Insurance firm but

then have little or no say after that.  The insurance commissioners office 
says once cancelled your only choice is the state
pool which must insure you for 1 year.  The rate is several times even State

Farm's rate.

Typically, they cancel all your insurance...home, auto, marine etc.

Dave K4JRB 


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