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[TowerTalk] Rohn 45 questions

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Rohn 45 questions
From: "Gregg Seidl" <>
Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2011 19:24:28 -0500
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I have a small dilmenia that I hope I can get a few answers.
In my younger days I would get "pointy top" Rohn sections and cut the top off 
and then put a rotor plate at the top and put the thrust bearing there with the 
rotor plate at the bottom of the top section. This worked good for years. I now 
get the flat plate top section but have one cut off pointy top tower left and 
want to convert it to a flat plate without getting an expensive Rohn 45 flat 
plate section plus shipping etc.
I see that Rohn 45 rotor plates fit anywhere along the tower section so I can 
mount it about 4 feet from the top. My question is this:does someone make a 
flat plate that fits OVER the legs. I can easily make the legs the same length 
and drill holes to secure the flat plate to the legs. Of course I'd paint it 
with cold spray galvanizing. 
I see Norms Fab makes a plate that fits into the legs but that would be a 
little more diffucult for me to drill or at least I think it fits into the legs.
Looking for any ideas other then take the top section off and install a flat 
plate section. Thats the obvious.
Gregg  K9KL

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