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[TowerTalk] HDBX-48 Tilt Up

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Subject: [TowerTalk] HDBX-48 Tilt Up
From: "Gary \"Joe\" Mayfield" <>
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2011 22:10:19 -0500
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Any hints on tilting up a Rohn HDBX-48?  I have a Traffie Hex beam just
above the top ( another 12 pounds).  My machinist next door neighbor said we
could do it with a Bobcat, but we failed.  We kept it under control, no one
got hurt and there was no damage to the tower or antenna.  There is no room
for a falling derrick.  No real room for a crane.  The project is almost out
of time for the year and pretty much out of money.


I suspect I will have to wait for next year and build the tower vertically
one section at a time.  Which begs the question of how do lift the Hexbeam
without damage?


Thanks and 73,

Joe kk0sd


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