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Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2011 12:21:19 -0400 (EDT)
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And don't forget two more places....
1.  Garage sales.  I picked up a brand new whole roll of  1.5 inch of 
braided strip for $10.
2.  Hamfests.  Sometimes you can get lucky at these too,  especially if it 
is raining at the tailgating section.
In a message dated 10/11/2011 3:59:44 P.M. Greenwich Standard Time, writes:

Good  grief, we are HAMS.  We do things on the cheap, because it's fun and  
educational.  The leftover money can buy beer, ice cream, radio  stuff. 
Frugality is power!

I looked at Georgia Copper a while back,  and found them to  be outrageous, 
by my standards.  Yes, Cu is  very high right now, so they are locked in to 
some extent and have to do  what they have to do.  We DO NOT, however!

Talk to your  electrician buddies.  There are often small bits of wire on  
construction sites and some contractors don't find it worthwhile to take  
to the junkyard.  You don't need to find massive wire.  Just  lay up some 
or 14 ga to get what you want.  You can put it right  in a split bolt and 
make a good connection.  You can solder it with a  MAPP torch and silver 
solder, or a propane plumbers torch and regular  solder.

Another good source is the power company.  When you see a  line truck 
working, ask if they have a scrap of service entrance  wire.  2/0 Al would 
make a fine ground jumper and there's lots of  hardware for it at the home 
stores.  I've been given "scraps" 20'  long, with three strands.

I think a split bolt can be used to hook to a  round tower brace perfectly.

And don't forget your town dump.   Mine does not allow salvage, but many 
OK with citizens repurposing  trash!
And the attendants at some of the former become more sympathetic in  return 
for a few greenstamps or some wheat soda!

When you see a new  house going up, stop and sk if you can looko in theh 
dumpster/scrap  heap.  Both contractors and power people will often leave 
stuff  behind.

Remember, talikng on the radio is just the reward for BUILDING  your 
The more resourceful the building, and the more you learn in  the process, 
the greater the reward.  After all, you can get on the  internet and 
a remotely controlled station and have no reward at  all!



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