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[TowerTalk] Best grease for rotor bearings ?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Best grease for rotor bearings ?
From: "Jim Thomson" <>
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2011 20:20:04 -0700
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Do what the manufacturer says ... that is a familiar statement repeated here
many times.  But no one has been able to find out what the manufacturer,
Rohn, says until now.  This should answer the question.  It is left to the
discretion of the user.


It is up to the user whether they want to use lubricant or not.  We do not
feel that it is necessary.  We have some that have been installed at our
location for a number of years without lubricant, with no issues.

Tim Rohn

##IMO,  Rohn  TB-3 and TB-4  thrust bearings are at the bottom of the heap, 
more junk. 
Both my new Rohn TB-4  bearings ran rough, after  being outside for 1 yr. Mine 
came lubricated too.
Trbl is, the lube drys out, and no zerk fitting to pump new grease in.   Steel 
ball bearings in an Aluminum
bearing is about as dumb as it gets. 

##  On both my TB-4 bearings, the 3 x 3/8" set bolts, every 120 deg, also 
rusted out real bad, seized up good.
After loads of  pb blaster, etc, I managed to get  4 of the 6 x bolts out, and  
2 x sheared off. Rohn hits the hole
where the ball bearings gets inserted, [via set screw] with a drift punch.   A 
zerk fitting would have been a better
deal instead. 

##  so far, on the new HDX-689 tower, the PEER brand   thrust bearings, with 
their locking collars  works good. 
The set screw  for the locking collar  has to be slopped with never seize goop  
though....and also more goop to be
applied to the female thread. 

## Thrust bearings are not  easy to replace..after the fact.  The Rohn 
bearing's are not only expensive, they are poor value
for the money, and poorly designed.   If u do use the TB3/4's... add a zerk 
fitting, so at least u can pump it with grease
once or twice per year. 

##  You can also get Peer and similar brand thrust bearings  with or without 
the self aligning feature.  

Later.... Jim  VE7RF


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