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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Thrust bearing thread
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Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2011 07:38:07 -0500
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I have used those type bearings for 35 years with good success.  They 
are self aligning and will not hold the mast straight, but I have always 
liked to have either two of them if you have everything lined up 
perfectly or at least a sleeve bearing with a little slop either at the 
top or several feet down the mast in the tower to hold the mast 
straight.  I have never trusted the set screws to hold anything so I 
install a heavy duty muffler clamp on the mast and that rests on one of 
those bearings like shown in your link.

For those who want to spend the time on maintenance to use a grease gun 
a couple times a year, great.  I have never put any grease in one after 
it is installed and have never had one fail in 35 years.  The only 
bearing I have ever had a problem with is currently installed on the top 
plate at the top of my 15m tower and the only reason it turns is because 
of the brute force of the prop pitch.

Stan, K5GO

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> It has been interesting seeing all the posts about this. The real 
> question is why would you ever use a TB3 or TB4 at $161 and $185 (from 
> 3Star) when you can have a REAL bearing for only $30.98???? Made with 
> REAL steel, seals and a zerk fitting?
> Check out 
> A nice  1" thick plate of Delrin with a two inch hole cut in it using 
> a hole saw from your local hardware store works really well also - 
> Delrin however is way more expensive than these bearings.
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