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[TowerTalk] DMX-B-128 garage sale tower

Subject: [TowerTalk] DMX-B-128 garage sale tower
From: chris casey <>
Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2011 20:29:00 -0500
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Picked up a tower for $15 at a garage sale, looks like a typical free
standing tapered jobby. On the base section on the X is DMX-B-128.
Google seems to associate that with "Delhi Towers DMX Bracketed
Towers", which would be 3sqft if its bracketed not more than 2.5
sections from the top. Decent for a uhf/vhf type antenna I guess. But
nothing I can see matches "DMX-B-128", the pdf says "DMXB-02" -03 -04
etc. The fixture on the top plate, which may or may not be a bearing
(it doesn't turn currently) has DELHI forged into it, guessing this
thing is old and the current model numbers have changed over time
since this was manufactured.

Anyone know off the top of their heads whether this is indeed what the
situation is? And does one climb such a tower or have it lifted up and
down with antennas in place all as one piece? Climbed the rohn
strato-tower of my dads many times but it appears a tad heavier duty
than this and had a mosley tribander on it which 3sqft isn't going to
handle on this thing if it is indeed what it appears.




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