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[TowerTalk] Wilson 40ft tubular towers

Subject: [TowerTalk] Wilson 40ft tubular towers
From: Greg <>
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2011 15:38:12 -0700
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I am looking at purchasing a used Wilson tubular 40ft tower locally that
includes the free standing rasing fixture.  This is similar if not identical
to the US Towers MAB.  The MAB and MARB look identical except the latter has
a mounting bracket for the rotor below the hinge point and a thrust bearing
on a plate where the hinge goes.

Anyone know of any negatives if I fashion a bracket for the rotor my self
and build and adapter to pin to the mast section that gets hinged?
Basically converting it to an MARB type base.

I don't plan to put much on this.  Maybe support one or two wire antennas
and two 6M5X yagis.  Or at most a couple small satellite antennas with one
6M5X above them.


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