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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Subject: Pull Rope in Conduits?
From: Dick Green <>
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2011 18:54:05 -0400
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I've tried it both ways, and the professional way is the only way for me.

Trying to thread conduit on a long run of rope and/or cables can be an exercise 
in frustration. The cables/ rope tend to get tangled and both the cable bundle 
and the inside of the pipe get coated with dirt, making it difficult to get a 
clean cement joint (if it's not clean, it will leak.) It also takes much longer 
to do the job because you have to walk to the end of the rope/cable, slip the 
conduit over it, and walk the conduit back to the joint.

I used the professional method on my three 265' conduits (1", 2/5" and 4"), and 
it worked like a charm. I believe the correct method is to use a "mouse" made 
of foam rubber and suck it through the pipe with a shop vac. You can make your 
own mouse easily enough, or you can buy one made for the size conduit you're 
using from your local electrical supply house. The ones I've seen consist of a 
short cylinder of foam material sandwiched between two circles of stiff 
cardboard or plastic, with a small eyebolt stuck through the center for 
attaching the twine. You mount the spool of twine on a rod (I put a broomstick 
between the legs of a stepladder), connect the free end to the eyebolt, then 
stuff the mouse in the conduit. Then you run to the other end, slip the vacuum 
hose in the condiut, seal it with duct tape, and turn on the vacuum. In a 
second or so the mouse will crash into the vacuum hose. Remove the twine, and 
use it to pull a larger rope through.

73, Dick WC1M

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Subject: Pull Rope in Conduits?

Professionals use cheap plastic pull twine and blow it through with compressd 
air.  No doubt a cap with a hole for the twine and a hole for air is used by 
some, but I've seen them just use their hand and an airgun.  I think a wad of 
paper is the usual puller.

Those who know can chime in now.



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