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[TowerTalk] guy detach in the middle?

Subject: [TowerTalk] guy detach in the middle?
From: chris casey <>
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2011 12:22:58 -0500
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So the university club station I'm associated with needs to lean over
their tower and do some antenna maintenance. The issue is in today's
climate for someone to walk down to the corner of the sloped roof 2.5
stories up and undo the turnbuckle of one guy doesn't appear to work
anymore. Last time this was done in '97 I just went and undid it,
redid it, no big deal, but times change. The other 2 guys are

We are faced with some sort of man lift operation with the cost and
logistics that come with such a thing it appears. We are morning or
self sufficiency.

What we do have is a head high passage of the guy from the corner of
another roof as the base of the tower is not at the highest level of
the roof. There is an insulator there within reach, so the guys
continuity is broken at that point. What I'm wondering is if there is
a way to open that joint that's reachable from that mid roof and put
in a serviceable joint for this need? Simply undoing the cable clamps
would get it open, but I don't think we would have a chance at putting
it back, I'm pretty sure we wouldn't have any chance.

The guy isn't tensioned well, I can easily move it several feet at
this mid point that's reachable. Its guying a 50' stand of rohn 25
which is anchored to the wall of the shack about 10-12' up. TH7 I
think on top and a repeater antenna. Its not something I want to climb
and probably couldn't get permission and maybe not even forgiveness. I
want it down so the kids can get hands on with servicing everything

Seems to me a turnbuckle is whats needed, but for that to be out in
the middle of the span certainly isn't something I've seen before but
I haven't seen it all. Is there any ideas out there? I'm well aware
the best option is to deal with the end and its turnbuckle, its just
going to be a lot easier if we can manage this on our own schedule if
possible. We are a club on life support and with no revenue, so we are
squarely in DIY mode as much as possible.




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