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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] pipe anchors
From: Chuck Sudds <>
Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2011 19:39:26 -0500
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In a message dated 10/29/2011 4:09:54 P.M. Greenwich Standard Time, writes:

I have 100ft of Rohn 45G that was installed about 12 years ago with 
elevated guy anchors.  I chose to go with 6in diameter Schedule 80 
pipe.  14ft long pieces sunk 9ft in the ground would stick up 5ft.  
Perfect for my site.  I had our Rural electric company come out with 
their auger truck and dig the holes.  Prior to placing the pipes in the 
holes, I drilled several holes in them and placed long bolts through 
them so that they would not turn in the cement.  Wish I would have used 
a torch to blow the holes in the pipe though, as I burned up several 
drill bits!  I have also heard of people using railroad track if you are 
in a position to obtain any at a reasonable cost.

Chuck  KØTVD

I live on a small city lot and am in the process of installing a 40 ft 
Rohn 25G tower in my back yard with a pier pin base. I'd really like to 
avoid using screw in anchors in such close quarters and would prefer to 
use an elevated guy anchor like pipe set in cement. I originally thought 
that 11 ft would be great to clear my roof line but have been told that 
would require a pipe larger than what I can obtain around here. Revising 
my plans a 4 ft high pipe in the corners of the back yard would still be 
better than going to ground level. Can anyone give me an approximate 
idea as to what size pipe and what size base might be needed? My tower 
is 40 ft, I would have at most 12 lbs of wind load on it, my soil is a 
pretty heavy clay with no sand and no rock at least down to 4 ft., our 
wind zone is said to be 70 MPH. Any input would be greatly appreciated. 
73 Richard / N5YPJ

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