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Re: [TowerTalk] PIPE ANCHORS

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] PIPE ANCHORS
From: Vincent Weal <>
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2011 16:00:25 -0400
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The problem with digging holes in sand is that you can't get a nice formed
hole. As you dig the soil keeps falling back in, so the hole actually has
to be made 2 or 3 times wider than you need in order to get the proper
depth. Then I will have to build wooden forms for the concrete, place them
in the holes, fill with concrete, then backfill. I could probably make the
forms 36" high instead of 18", but I would like as much backfill on top of
them as possible. Thankfully I have a friendly neighbor with a backhoe. And
yes, the guys would pull through mostly undisturbed soil (remember the
extra wide hole originally dug?) Another thing to note is that my water
table is normally only about 3' down so this is VERY WET sand we're talking

> I assume that the guy will pull THROUGH undisturbed soil, not through the
> backfill.
> Also, it will only cost you another $60/hole to double the concrete.   You
> might have a minimum delivery amount anyway.   Once you have the hole dug
> and have it formed, extra concrete is relatively cheap.
> Ken WA8JXM
> On Oct 31, 2011, at 1:47 PM, Vincent Weal wrote:
> > I have also been wondering what's the best type of guy anchor to use in
> > Florida sand, and after considerable research I've come to the conclusion
> > that lots and lots of weight is the answer! I'm going to be putting up
> 60'
> > of Rohn 45G, and plan to build 3 blocks of concrete for the GAR30 guy
> > anchors, each one 4' x 4' x 18" and sunk down 4' into the ground.
> According
> > to Rohn specs each block will be a little over 5000 lbs. Since I only
> plan
> > to put a Tennadyne T-12 on top (and maybe a dipole or two) I think that
> > should be an adequate guy anchor system. Of course I'm making an educated
> > guess since I'm a novice at tower building, but everyone I've described
> > this to has said it *should* work fine.
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