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[TowerTalk] "Cable set" failure-US tower answer

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Subject: [TowerTalk] "Cable set" failure-US tower answer
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Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2011 15:57:45 -0700
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I just got off the phone speaking to US tower in California about this recent 
thread regarding stopping your tower and different heights to prevent a "cable 
set" failure.

The representative I spoke to had NEVER heard of such a problem, and said there 
is no reason to alter the stopping point either up or down on the tower.
It was indicated that IF this had EVER been a problem they would know about it.
The person told me that the towers are specifically designed to be set at 
whatever height you want, and "you can leave it at that height as long as you 

There may be those who have other "ideas" or opinions about this, but I am 
inclined to believe and follow what the manufacturer says.
>From a liability perspective, I doubt they would have answered my question in 
>this way if there were any known risks regarding this issue.

Also, today I moved my tower up a few inches to expose the cable which has been 
"sitting" on the the same spot, for the last 5 years, and it 
looks in perfect condition. The cable looks identical to the cable on either 
side which was not on the sheave. I see no evidence of deformation or 

BTW...I also asked about putting Lube on the cables and, to confirm my past 
communication about this 10 years ago, the answer from US tower, 15 minutes ago 
"US tower does NOT recommend putting ANY lubrication on the cables." They did 
say putting Beeswax on the slides is recommended.

de steve ve6wz
US tower owner for 15 years.


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