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Re: [TowerTalk] Zoning question - Putnam County Florida

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Zoning question - Putnam County Florida
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Thanks John.  The place I want to buy is not within a city/town limits it's 
located within Putnam County FL. I have
since spoken to the Zoning Department for Putnam County and have been told that 
Ham Towers are lumped in 
with cellular towers and other commercial communications towers and therefore 
not permitted in residential
zoned areas!!!  ABSURD!  In any case PRB-1 would supercede that nonsensical 
regulation but I don't know
if it would be costly to deal with.  I'll be going there soon and get a copy of 
the actual regulations.  They do
allow "TV" towers which can be attached to a house - but I don't know exactly 
what the regulations state.  If
there is no height restriction on such towers I can use a house bracket and 
attach a 100' Rohn 45 to the side
of the house but also have guy wires!  ;-)

We'll see.


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  Hi Tony,
  Zoning regulations are created by the town, not by the county. 
  Secondly, anything anyone tells you, through list or otherwise, is not valid. 
  Even what the town zoning officer tells you might not necessarily be valid.
  The only valid source for this information is the town zoning regulations 
  You should try and find the complete set of regulations online, or go to the 
town hall and buy a copy. 
  You will then need to either spend a significant amount of time reading them, 
or else find an attorney experienced in these matters to help you.
  Also, I believe there is an reflector similar to this one specifically for 
zoning issues, but I can't remember the name off the top of my head.
  If you haven't decided on a specific town yet, then when you have narrowed 
down your preferences to a few towns, you should check the regulations in each 
town and choose the one that is the most conformant to PRB-1.
  After reading the regulations, if you can't find anything restricting the 
height of non-commercial antenna support structures, then either you missed 
seeing the restriction because it was buried somewhere you didn't look, or else 
you have been lucky enough to find a town that has no restriction. (There are 
still a few such towns left in the USA, although their number is dwindling. If 
you find one, buy a house there and put up some antennas!)
  Also, you should probably buy the book "Antenna Zoning for the Radio Amateur" 
by Fred Hopengarten.
  It will help you with your permit application if you need to file one, and 
chances are that you will need to file one.
  73 & GL,
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  Subject: [TowerTalk] Zoning question - Putnam County Florida
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  I'm thinking of buying a home in Putnam County Florida - is anyone familiar 
with the tower
  zoning regulations down there?



  Tony Rogozinski
  Amateur Radio W4OI - W4AMR - HK1AR - HK1AR/4
  OJ0/N7BG, CN2BG, 5V7BG, TY5AR 
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