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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Tower and / or property
From: Kevin Normoyle <>
Date: Thu, 08 Dec 2011 15:51:48 -0800
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Value is what someone would pay for it.
I can't imagine another ham paying more than $10k for any existing used tower 
setup (which is probably in very used condition)
on the other end, it might be worth -$10k due to the cost of teardown and 
to original conditions.

So given a possible -$10k to $10k effect on the price of a house, I can't see 
how a tower adds any value.

I would think the best possible scenario is to tear it all down. If the next 
person wants it, it won't cost more than $5k to put it back up.

It's kind of liking having a used car in the driveway, and hoping the next 
wants it and will pay something for it.

Or the expensive chandeliers you love inside.

Is there anyone here who pay more than $10k for an existing tower or towers 
setup, when they would buy a house?

Me, I would expect that the seller (ham) is overvaluing the tower, and gouging 
me on the price. Because I bet he wouldn't admit it's not worth more than $10k.

Cost to replace is not the issue here. See, as buyer, I know there's not many 
others that put value on it. So the tower has low market value.
(free would be reasonable, for instance).


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