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From: Kevin Normoyle <>
Date: Thu, 08 Dec 2011 23:46:38 -0800
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sounds like you're not going to back guy the power pole?
don't say how high it is.

if the pole is only 6' out of the ground, the pulling force on a single wire 
winch is probably 1500 lbs or so.

That might make the power pole pull over, depending on what the ground is and 
how the pole is packed in.

independent of the size of the winch, you might be concerned about braking 
capacity and also how hard it is for you to turn the crank on the winch.

A double wire pulley adds more components.

If you had more pole out of the ground (9' or so) then the pull probably 
to 1000 lbs or so, putting less stress on pulleys etc.

A heavy quad/rotor can change things..adding a lot of weight at the end can be 
worse than a heavier tower.

obviously you want cable with a working load limit well beyond this.

don't say what the diameter of the power pole is. Don't want to snap it.


On 12/8/2011 8:22 PM, Michael Goins wrote:
> Odd question, but likely someone here will know.
> I have a HG52SS tower up and I just put a cut off telephone pole behind it
> (five feet in the ground). The tower has two bolts per leg and the plan is
> to lower it fully and then remove the rear leg bolts and the top two in the
> front legs and slightly loosen the other two to use as a pivot point. I
> want to use a winch on the power pole over a pulley to the tower to lay it
> over for service and major antenna work.
> Much of the weight will be supported by the two large pivot bolts and if I
> remember right, the tower itself is about 450 pounds. Will have a quad on
> it with a rotor. How big/small of a hand crank winch can I safely use in
> this application with the lowering cable about half way up the lowered
> HG52SS (around 11 feet or so)?
> Any practical suggestions will be of help.
> Mike, k5wmg
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